Stable, Universal, Invariable, Scalable,

Sécurized, Egalitarian.

Stable: The WAT $ having as standard the hour of work, its value will always be stable. 24 hours a day for 700 years BC or 3600 seconds.

Universal: Time and work are two universal values ​​that are easily quantifiable and understandable to all.

Invariable: The WAT $ being non-convertible and indexed on its only standard, its value is invariable in time and space.

Scalable: The number of WAT $ issued in the world will evolve without limitation with the growth of the world population and the work provided by each individual.

Securized: Blockchain technology ensures the safety of WAT$.

Egalitarian: The WAT $ has the same value everywhere in the world, it ensures the same purchasing power to everyone.