Philippe Géraudel is the designer of the NoG and the registrant of model N° 20223709.

In view of the growing worldwide water shortages, Philippe Géraudel has decided to waive all royalties in the hope of contributing to the preservation of our planet's water resources.

End-users, installers or manufacturers are not required to pay any royalties, they can freely, if they wish, make a donation to:

La Fondation de France 40 Av Hoche 75008 Paris.

Foundation of public utility.


Août 2022

Modèle déposé. Utilisation gratuite.


ESSEC, Boston Consulting Group.


A very simple, royalty-free system

to separate, recover and recycle

billions of m3 of grey water for free.

The predicted water shortage should encourage us to re-use the grey water from sinks, washbasins and handwashers, which we too often leave running empty.

This grey water will be recycled in toilets, watering gardens and certain domestic washes: floors, terrace, car...



If there are no obstacles, all the clean tap water is collected by the grey water trap located exactly in front of the jet.

Out of the 12 litres of a one-minute hand wash, it is possible to recover 8 liters of gray water containing less than 1% impurities.

That's billions of cubic metres of potentially re-cyclable water.

In the presence of obstacles such as hands or plates, the jet of the tap is deviated from its initial trajectory and the splashes of soiled water flow into the black water trap.

A few drops <1% will go into the grey water trap and mix with the recovered clean water mass. The almost pure water (99%) obtained will be stored and recycled: WC, garden, washing of floors, cars, etc..

A telescopic or removable drain on the second trap makes it possible to fill the washbasin and use it conventionally for washing.

Standard washbasin with one trap.

Hand-washing basin "NoG" with two traps.

(NoG comme Noir ou Gris)

The NoG « for dummies »

Grey water will be stored in a cistern until it is recycled back into the house either by gravity or with a pump.

Recycling of domestic grey water. Semi-closed circuit NoG hand wash station.

Modifications to be made to a hand wash basin.

Hand wash unit  in autonomy and in closed circuit. Du même auteur EAU GRISE GREY WATER